Worx Jawsaw Chainsaw £49.99 at positecworx / eBay

JawSaw is one of the safest chainsaws on the market. The unique JawGuard teeth hold the branch in place, giving you a secure hold, whilst the blade scissor action prevents dangerous kickback. The JawGuard also keeps the bar and chain fully enclosed at all times, for your safety.

For extra safety, the JawSaw also features a left and right safety lock on-switch, to prevent accidental starts. Packed with safety innovation, and extremely easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

JawSaw couldn’t be easier to use! All you have to do is pull on the trigger and push down on the handle and JawSaw will do the rest. Forget having to lift heavy logs off the ground to cut, the JawSaw is the only chainsaw designed to operate directly on the ground or pavement, as the unique blade is designed to never hit the ground, allowing you to get the job done quickly, with complete control and comfort. It’s perfect for cutting up your old Christmas trees or quickly clearing felled branches.

The JawSaw’s lightweight design and unique handle gives you extra reach, perfect for pruning and trimming branches. You no longer need to strain using loppers at awkward angles, JawSaw will effortlessly cut branch after branch, quickly, easily and safely.

Setting the right chain tension has never been simpler, the patented auto-tension system maintains the correct tension for you always, freeing you up to get on with the job in hand. In fact, even when it comes to changing your chain, it couldn’t be easier. The JawSaw really is simple to use and hassle-free to maintain.

JawSaw is robust enough to tackle the toughest of jobs. Its durable steel teeth jaws and powerful 600W motor are built to last and deliver a high performance every time.

Guard covers chain for enhanced safety
Steel teeth hold work in place while cutting for stability
Auto-tension feature sets the proper tension
Automatic chain oiler