Wonky Veg Box £3 – MORRISONS

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Your Wonky Veg Selection will include the following: Carrots, Onions (Red or Brown), Potatoes & Parsnips.

It will also include a minimum of three products from the following seasonal produce such as: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Swede, Leeks & Peppers.
i.e. Box Contents:
3 Wonky Parsnips, 1 Wonky Cabbage, 2 Wonky Leeks, 8 Wonky Potatoes, 4 Wonky Carrots, 4 Wonky Onions, 1 Wonky Swede

Wonky Veg suppliers:
Wonky Parsnips U.K. Lincs – Javelin – Ian Moor
Wonky Cabbage U.K. Lincs – Gilson – George Read
Wonky Leeks U.K. Lincs – Krypton – George Read
Wonky Potatoes U.K.Scotland – Angus – Saxon-M.McDonald
Wonky Carrots U.K. Notts – Alastair Ferguson
Wonky Onions U.K. Norfolk – Andrew Francis
Wonky Swede U.K. Cornwall – Helenor – K.S. Coles