Wayfair Buckthorn Wooden Bike Shed 6×3 £129.99 (Free Delivery)

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The wall store is a functional and practical solution to garden storage problems and has ample height and width to accommodate an adult bike as well as a wide range of gardening tools and equipment.

Lockable storage unit
Double doors for easy access
Tongue and groove floor
Solid board roof
Pressure treated against rot
Natural timber finish
Mineral roofing felt
Seasonal Effects On Timber: Wood is a natural material and therefore may be affected by changes in the weather conditions. During periods of high temperatures and excessive dry spells its moisture content will reduce which may lead shrinkage of some components resulting in small cracks or splits, once a spell of wet weather returns the components will again regain its moisture and the component will return to their original size. Splitting will be more prevalent in larger sections of timber and will not affect its structural stability of the product. This process cannot be avoided, but effects can be reduced by spraying water directly on to the product during periods of hot weather.

Product Details

Wood Species: Softwood

Wood Treatment: Pressure Treated

Cladding Style: Tongue & Groove

Floor Included: Yes