Vileda VR 101 Robot (RRP £149.99) at HomeBargains for £29.99

The Vileda VR101 makes cleaning easier. It helps keep your floors clean on a regular basis. The Vileda VR101 Robot is a broom and vacuum rolled into one, so is great for sweeping and dusting all kind of hard floors & short-pile carpets or rugs. Cleans under and between furniture, reaching corners more easily. The soft bumpers offer protection against furniture and the enhanced sensor system helps it to avoid falling down stairs.

Easy to use 2 stage cleaning programs 20 min and 60 min for different room sizes. There are two cleaning patterns (spiral + parallel) for effective cleaning and it has the ability to clean hard floors, rugs and short-pile carpets up to 1cm.

Sit back and relax while the robot takes the effort out of cleaning your floors!