UHD 4K Movies to own from £5.99 – Amazon Prime Video

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I’ve been searching for quite some time to find the cheapest Ultra HD 4K movies to buy. I’ve looked into UHD Blu-ray’s, online streaming services etc. and have finally found some reasonably priced 4K movies to own. For some reason Amazon makes it a pain in the backside to find these movies and you need to search for them on a UHD TV / UHD Streaming Stick – I can’t seem to find them on either my phone or laptop (probably because they are not 4K resolution).

On Amazon Prime Video (on a 4K device) you can either search for them by the title below or click on Movies and then Ultra HD movies to see the entire list.

Here is a list of the most popular Ultra HD, 4K movies available on Amazon Prime Video starting at £5.99, ordered by price:

Smurfs: The Lost Village [Ultra HD] £5.99
Inferno [Ultra HD] £6.99
Underworld: Blood Wars [Ultra HD] £6.99
Money Monster [Ultra HD] £6.99
Ghostbusters [Ultra HD] £6.99
The Smurfs 2 [Ultra HD] £6.99
Chappie [Ultra HD] £6.99
The Vow [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Last Detail [Ultra HD] £7.99
A Few Good Men [Ultra HD] £7.99
After Earth [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Davinci Code [Ultra HD] £7.99
Deliver Us From Evil [Ultra HD] £7.99
Funny Girl [Ultra HD] £7.99
Glory [Ultra HD] £7.99
Godzilla [Ultra HD] £7.99
Groundhog Day [Ultra HD] £7.99
Grown Ups 2 [Ultra HD] £7.99
Hitch [Ultra HD] £7.99
Jerry Maguire [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Karate Kid [Ultra HD] £7.99
Men In Black II [Ultra HD] £7.99
Men In Black 3 [Ultra HD] £7.99
On The Waterfront [Ultra HD] £7.99
Philadelphia [Ultra HD] £7.99
Premium Rush [Ultra HD] £7.99
Salt [Ultra HD] £7.99
Spider-Man [Ultra HD] £7.99
Spider-Man 3 [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Amazing Spider-Man [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Other Guys [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Patriot [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Ugly Truth [Ultra HD] £7.99
The Way We Were [Ultra HD] £7.99
Total Recall [Ultra HD] £7.99
Annie [Ultra HD] £7.99
Spider-Man: Homecoming [Ultra HD] £8.49
T2 Trainspotting [Ultra HD] £8.49
Life [Ultra HD] £9.99
Terminator 2: Judgement Day [Ultra HD] £9.99
Sausage Party [Ultra HD] £9.99
Angry Birds Movie [Ultra HD] £9.99
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [Ultra HD] £9.99
Grimsby [Ultra HD] £9.99
Risen [Ultra HD] £9.99
Concussion [Ultra HD] £9.99
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Ultra HD] £9.99
Battle – Los Angeles [Ultra HD] £9.99
Captain Phillips [Ultra HD] £9.99
Elysium [Ultra HD] £9.99
Fury [Ultra HD] £9.99
The Wedding Ringer [Ultra HD] £9.99
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 [Ultra HD] £9.99
Blade Runner 2049 [Ultra HD] £13.99
Paddington 2 [Ultra HD] £13.99

There are more but these are the most popular. I hope this helps people on the quest for reasonably priced 4K content!