Sony tv KD55XE8596 100hz and 10bit 4k 55inch £799 with code at Hughes

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£799 with voucher code Easter50. Plus 5 year warranty.
Just to add even more to this insanely great deal if not the best around:


1. Supports PS4 Pro 4K and HDR.
2. Much better response time compared to all the other 4K TVs, so gaming online or even connecting PC to it would be a lot better than other TVs but it WON’T be as good as a TN panel for sure.
3. Input lag and delay based on testing fluctuates between 10ms at its lowest and goes as far as 50ms but mostly stays between 10-20ms, so it’s definitely acceptable for online gaming, just maybe not for CS GO .


1. Supports HDR on amazon Fire TV 4K (the new version) as well as 10 bit, which is insanely convenient!
2. There are reviews mentioning that its HDR quality is not the best out there due to White output’s brightness being about 450 nits. Overall it’s still very good but it’s not the best out there but still much better than many others.


Not great, mediocre at best, buying a sound bar would be a good way to get the best out of this TV.


Android TV, it works alright and you can even install Kodi to manage your own media as well as online content. Although Android TV runs fine, it’s not always the smoothest experience so if you are looking to add Kodi functionality, your best bet would be to purchase a separate box. Current cheapest box that would support 4K, 10 bit and HDR would be the new Amazon Fire TV (be sure to get it on sale below £50).

1. Dynamic refresh rate based on the content you are watching.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for anyone, I just enjoy adding additional tech information to deals that might be beneficial to people like myself that don’t have the time to research everything and want unbiased information relevant to them.