Sony PS4 Platinum Wireless On-Ear Wireless Headset £99 at Tesco

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Take your gaming audio to a whole new level with the Sony PS4 Platinum headset that delivers rich, highly-positional virtual surround sound in PlayStation 4 games. Designed to give you a competitive edge, this headset allows you to pinpoint every move your enemy makes and immerse yourself deeper in multi-layered soundscapes, whether on a solo mission or during multiplayer missions.

The enhanced 7.1 virtual surround sound is powered by 3D Audio technology and premium 50mm drivers which provide incredibly crisp sound, making it feel as though the action is happening all around you. The sound is delivered from up to 100+ virtual speakers, completely encircling you in the action, allowing you to hear noise from every direction, including above, below and behind you with precise object-based sounds from compatible PS4 games.

The headset enables custom audio modes designed by the developers themselves to accompany their games, allowing you to really get the most out of your gaming experience. You can enjoy bespoke arrangements for the latest titles via the Headset Companion App for PS4. The Platinum headset also advances your in-game chat, with hidden multi-position, noise cancelling microphones that provide crystal-clear chat, even when the headset is resting round your neck.

The extended life built-in rechargeable battery gives you ample time for marathon gaming sessions, and the headset folds up neatly when you’re finished playing to fit into the included pouch for storage or travel.