Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox (8TB) £131.99 at Maplin

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Product overview

8TB capacity can store up to 200 games
Optimised for compatibility with Xbox
Front-facing USB ports offer easy wired connectivity
Plug-and-play functionality for quick, convenient setup with console installation assistance
Connect to controllers, other devices and Xbox accessories through integrated USB 3.0 ports
Up to 160Mb/s high-speed connection provides a seamless gaming performance

Expand your gaming library
Built specifically for use with Xbox consoles, the Seagate Game Drive Hub is crafted with your gaming needs in mind. With the average Xbox game taking up between 35 and 50 GB of memory, the eight terabyte storage capacity of this drive can store approximately 200 games. By extending your existing console memory with this additional space, you’ll never have to delete a game again and you’ll have plenty of room for your save data and extra downloadable content.

A part of the Xbox family
This game drive is built with two integrated, front-facing USB 3.0 ports. This makes it easy to connect to any other gadgets you may have. You can use these ports to charge your controllers or even other external devices such as your smart phone. They also act as convenient connection ports for Xbox accessories, including steering wheels. If your game library is so vast you need more space, you can even connect other Game Drives with no trouble.

Streamline your gaming
Everything about this Game Drive is designed to get you gaming as soon as possible. It can be set up in a matter of minutes. It plugs into any USB ports on your Xbox and the console will offer you step by step instructions to guide you through the installation quickly and efficiently. Once you’re connected, the high speed port guarantees a seamless gaming performance indistinguishable for the experience you’d get playing from your console’s integrated hard drive.