Roccat Sova MK Mechanical Gaming Lapboard £99.99 / ROCCAT Ryos MK FX RGB Mech Keyboard £69.99 at Box

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Good price for the mechanical version of the Sova. Would love to try one of these out, I normally stream to my living room TV, then use a controller. Usually that rules out a lot of games for me though. I do like my FPS gaming, but I get smashed on consoles as it is, I just don’t play with controllers much, so never got used to them. Hats off to those that can though.

Anywhoo… The lowest this has been to my knowledge was at Christmas when it went to £89.99, so considering the sales that were around at the time, £99.99 seems a good price.

I’d be interested to see what you guys think to this, if you have one or something similar. One of my main reasons for something like this, would to be to get away from the desk and get comfy so I can chill out for a bit.

ROCCAT Ryos MK FX RGB details under specs of Sova