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Excellent value, cheaper at the South African store at £1.01Infiltrate a ruined starship and start causing chaos in RIVE: Ultimate Edition, a sci-fi twin-stick shooter for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch that combines exploration, platforming and intense fast-paced action at a deliciously smooth 60 frames per second!Pilot your spacecraft through the depths of a derelict vessel that’s home to underwater labyrinths, functioning train lines and hundreds of robotic enemies, all ready to blow your craft to pieces over and over from every angle!Dodge incoming shots, use your double jump to narrowly avoid lasers, and unleash your own firepower in 360 degrees! Toss an electro-magnetic pulse grenade in front of enemy bots to sneak by undetected, or launch homing missiles to turn them into piles of scrap metal.If you can’t blast it, hack it! Scan and reprogram nearby bots to alter their behaviour so that they will assist you…temporarily. These new allies can open doors, repair your armour and even fight alongside you as you take on colossal bosses complete with their own overwhelming life bars! Collect new hacks and use them to discover new shortcuts and explore areas previously out of your reach.Unlock new challenging ways to play RIVE: Ultimate Edition’s campaign: try to beat the game as quickly as you can in Speedrun mode or see how long you can survive in Single-Credit mode. There’s also online* leaderboards for all modes and missions.Lock and upload! RIVE: Ultimate Edition is a metal-wrecking, robot-hacking game with old-school gaming values with a decidedly new-school execution, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.Exclusive to the Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch:Play with a friend in Copilot ModeHD rumble effects let you truly feel the actionMore achievements: 48 and countingLoads faster, plays smoother, tweaked to perfection