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Riemann P20 Once a day sun protection SPF20 Lotion 100ml

P20 is a quick-drying, transparent sun protection with photostable UVA (5-star rating) and UVB filters in a unique alcohol-based formulation. One application offers long-lasting protection for up to 10 hours and is clinically proven to be Very Water Resistant. Its unique formula is non-greasy and fragrance free to provide the ultimate coverage.

For use on the body, face and scalp. Suitable for the whole family. Ideal for use whenever outdoors in the sun at home or abroad.

10 Hours Sun Protection

P20 is designed to ensure that one application a day is sufficient, keeping the time spent applying and re-applying sun protection to an absolute minimum. P20 is proven to work for up to 10 hours* due to a very stable formulation.

Superior Water Resistance

P20 is proven to remain effective in the water, even after frequent swimming. P20 is Very Water Resistant** and ranks in the highest class of Cosmetic Europe’s water resistance classification system.

UVA & UVB Protection

P20 offers broad spectrum photostable UV protection covering both UVA and UVB rays and retains its effectiveness even after and during exposure to the sun. P20 is proven to work for up to 10 hours in the sun.

Ease Of Use

P20’s lightweight consistency ensures an even coverage. Once a day application means a little goes a long way, making P20 more economical than other sun care products that need to be re-applied regularly during the day. P20 is absorbed rapidly leaving a non-greasy skin, so there are none of the messy white streaks common with cream-based products.


• Quick drying
• Transparent
• 5-star UVA rating
• Non greasy
• Very water resistant
• Fragrance free

* International Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Test Method, 2006 – Kinetics, 10 hours protection, ISO 24444:2010(E)

** Guidelines for Evaluation Sun Product Very Water Resistance, Colipa 2005


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