Quick Drying Microfiber Towel | Pukkr Pink Small (50x30cm) £1.99 @ Roov



The Pukkr Quick Drying Microfiber Towel is a versatile tool that can be extended to all areas of any lifestyle. The tightly woven material maximises water absorption, whilst the microfiber material clings to grime and dust for effective cleaning. Soft to the touch, the towel is ideal for dusting down surfaces with no risk of scratches or even for drying babies or toddlers.


The ultra-fine synthetic material of the microfiber ensures that the towel has incredible water absorption levels. By simply coming into contact with a damp surface, the towel will absorb the liquid. As well as this, the towels fiber structure ensures that it will be touch dry and ready to use again in minutes.


If you’re regularly active in the gym, or enjoy a walk in the countryside with your dog, packing up thick cotton towels can take up valuable bag space. This microfibre towel is incredibly lightweight and folds down to a fraction of its size, making it fantastic for packing into bags or suitcases.


We all want our cars to look like they’re fresh out of the showroom, but the outside is only half the battle. The soft-touch material of these microfiber towels ensures that when you turn your attention to the interior, the towel will pick up that hard to reach dust without damaging or scratching any of the surfaces.

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