PREMIUM Charcoal Face Mask Activated Peel-Off Bamboo Mask For Blackhead Removal. £2.98 + £4.49 NP @ Eclat Beauty Fulfilled by Amazon

PREMIUM Charcoal Face Mask Activated Peel-Off Bamboo Mask For Blackhead Removal. £2.98 + £4.49 NP @ Eclat Beauty Fulfilled by Amazon 1


*SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER* Face Mask for Men & Women – Activated Peel-Off Bamboo Mask For Blackhead Removal For Nose/Cheek/Chin – GMP-Certified/Dermatologist

I was using a more expensive version of this face mask, saw this deal on with 50% off. Don’t know when the deal ends.

Some price comparison:
1) 6,25 @…MR/
2) 5,95 @…7Z/
Seller seems legit: Eclat Beauty

Product description

People trust Eclat over other brands because we provide:

  • 100% pure, natural ingredients
  • Increased potency and effectiveness
  • Science-backed, doctor-recommended formulas
  • 3rd-party results verification
  • Fast and easy application
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing

Eclat Activated Charcoal Mask is clinically tested for max blackhead and toxin removal with gentle exfoliation, deep pore cleaning and natural botanical skin nourishment or your money back – guaranteed.

We use all-natural activated bamboo charcoal and a proprietary 100% pure 4-clay blend:

  • Bentonite – very absorbent; great for oily skin and acne control
  • Chinese kaolin – gently exfoliating and circulation boosting
  • French montmorillonite – superfine and absorbent for micro toxins
  • Moroccan lava – rich skin-healing properties

This super-smooth, ultra-absorbent blend is then balanced with natural botanicals like snow lotus, don quai ginseng, comfrey plant and witch hazel to nourish your skin, prevent irritation and pamper your pores.

Our Activated Charcoal Mask is also easy to apply and works faster than most other brands! Simply smooth on the mask after a 3-5 minute hot cloth cleanse and peel off from the bottom up to reveal new clean-feeling, fresh-looking skin!

How does Eclat’s formula improve upon other brands? We use natural ingredients with no impurities for thorough, non-irritating exfoliation that removes more blackheads, toxins and impurities than other brands.

Eclat’s Activated Charcoal Mask doesn’t just clean and exfoliate – it makes your skin healthier with regular use.

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