Ouya Bluetooth Controller new from game £8.99 delivered

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Release Date: 25-Jun-13
The OUYA Bluetooth controller will give you complete control over the games you play.

The OUYA has two rubberized analogue sticks and “Cross” Style D-Pad which will allow you to aim, steer and navigate with complete accuracy and confidence.

The OUYA Bluetooth controller also features the four standard face buttons labelled O, U, Y, A. Historically these are used for jumping and interacting

On top of the controller you’ll find two triggers and two “bumper buttons” that in most games are used for acceleration and braking in Racing games or aim and fire in shooting games.

You’ll also find a touch pad in the centre of the controller that gives you more interaction with your games.

The OUYA Bluetooth controller is designed by gamers for gamers.