Miele WKF121 A+++-30% 8kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine in White-chrome Door – £689.99 Delivered at Co-Op Electrical

Rest assured, this WKF121 has been tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, making it a product you can rely on.

With a A+++-30% energy rating, this machine is 30% more efficient than those which are A+++ rated. This ensures it is economical and contributes to lower cost energy bills.

It features PowerWash 2.0, which is innovative Spin & Spray technology that uses water in a more effective wat to use less energy. With this technology, this washing machine can achieve a full ‘A’ rated wash cycle in less than 1 hour.

Moreover, this appliance features our CapDosing system, which allows the user to insert a single use capsule for washing special fabrics such as woollens, silks, sportswear and for reproofing outerwear. This reduces the number of items which may otherwise have needed handwashing or dry cleaning.

As with all of our washing machines, it is fitted with out Softsteam Honeycomb drum, which has a unique structure to ensure a film of water is created to cushion your laundry as it turns in the drum. Moreover, the SoftSteam ensures ironing is made easier with a pre-iron option.

EcoFeedback provides a consumption forecast when selecting a washing programme and enables users to be more economical and environmentally friendly.

With the option to put your appliance on a delay start, you can time it to start up to 24 hours in advance, which allows you to ensure your chores fit around your lfiestyle. Moreover, the time remaining indicator will display exactly how long your load has left.

You can use the settings in the ProgrammeManager to customise the wash process to suit your requirements. Intensive: even better wash performance with normal programme duration. Eco: particularly energy-saving with the same wash performance. Extra gentle: maximum gentle laundry care and less need for ironing. Extra quiet: less noise due to special washing rhythm and Rinse hold. AllergoWash: reduced bacteria levels for those with sensitive skin.