LIDL DEALS 19th-25th April

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LIDL DEALS 19th April Thursday – 25th April Wednesday

Fruit And Veg
Mushrooms 350g 69p
British Carrots 1kg 35p
Green Beans 220g 69p
Kiwi 29p Each

XXL Breaded Chicken Goujons 700g £3.29
British Beef Steaks Mince 750g £3.29
4 Mediterranean Style Pork Loin Steaks 480g £2.99
2 MSC Smoked Haddock Fillets 250g £2.39
3 Cajun Chicken Sizzle Steaks 300g £2.99
Deluxe Beef Steak Burgers With Goats Cheese & Red Onions 340g £2.19
Deluxe 4 British Chipotle Chilli Beef Steak Burgers 454g £2.69
XXL Family Pack 6 Salmon Fillets 720g £8.99

Super Weekend Saturday 21st April – Sunday 22nd April 2018
Cimarosa Chilean Pedro Jimenez 75cl £2.99 Was £3.99
Primadonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml £1.79 Was £2.39
Deluxe Antipasti Platter 100g 99p £1.99
Freshona Tomato Passata 720ml 49p Ws 99p

A Taste Of Eastern Europe Week
Full-Fat Mature Cheese Slices 500g £2.49 (Morski, Gouda)
Reduced-Fat Soft Cheese 275g 99p
Dark Chocolate Sponge Cakes 150g 49p (4 Flavours)(Jaffa Cake Replicas)
Kefir 400g 69p (Fermented Milk Drink)
Tiger Energy Drink 250ml 39p
Fruit Juice 3L £2.99 (3 Flavours)
Juice Drink 1L £1.19 (6 Flavours)
Polish Blossom Honey 900g £3.99
Lowicz 100% Jam 220g 99p (Strawberry, Blackcurrant)
Sesame Bar 3x27g 39p (Original, Peanuts, Honey)
DR Gerard Biscuits 750g/650g (Chocolate, Sugar)
All-Purpose Seasoning 1kg £1.49

Freezers Blocks £1.99 (200ml, 400ml)


LIDL DEALS 26th April Thursday – 2nd May Wednesday

Fruit And Veg
Speciality Pears 4 Pack 99p
British Parsnips 500g 39p
Cucumber 35p
British Baking Potatoes 59p per kg

4 Tikka Chicken Breast Skewers 260g £2.19
12 British Beef Meatballls 300g £1.45
Blackened Cajun Pork Belly Slices 450g £2.69
2 Hunter Chicken Breast Fillerts 432g
XXL Breaded Chicken Goujons 700g £3.29
2 Turkey Escalopes 260g £1.49
4 Mediterranean-Styles PorkLoin Steaks 480g £2.99
2 Ultimate Chuck Steak Beef Burgers 340g £2.69

Super Weekend Saturday 28th April – Sunday 29th April 2018
French Cabernet Sauvignon Pays d’Oc 75cl £2.99 Was £4.49
Valley Spice British Organic Cheddar 250g £1.09 Was £1.79 (Mild, Mature)
Floralys Kitchen Towels 4 Rolls x 60 Sheets 94p Was £1.89
Aquapur Spong Cloths 5 pack 74p £1.49

Greek Week
Feta & Olive Croquettes 4×62.6g £1.99
Butter Beans 280g 99p
Feta Chhese 400g £2.99
Spinach & Cheese Swirl 1kg £2.79 (Spinach & Cheese, Cheese)
Leek & Cheese Swirls 680g £1.79
Greek-Styles Meetballs 750g £3.49
Pastry Puffs 1kg £2.79 (Cheese, Spinach)
Sesame Puff Pastry Parcel 1kg £2.79 (Cheese Oregano Filling)
Greek- Style Breaded Soft Cheese With Dip 350g £1.99
Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml £3.99
Antipasti 270g £1.99
Vine Leaves Stuffed With Rice 280g £1.19
Gyros 500g £2.49
Gyros Rice Dish 750g £1.99
Extra Virgin Olive Oil £2.99
Ouzo 50cl £9.99
Mythos Beer 6x330ml £4.49
Piteed Green Olives 1.6kg £3.99
Dried Olives With Pits 275g £1.49
Blossom Honey From Crete 450g £3.99
Whole Kalamata Olives 450g £1.99
Breadsticks 175g £1.19 (Original, Cheese, Garlic, Sesame Seeds)
Greek Yoghurt 2x170g £1.79 (Honey, Raspberry & Pomegranate)
Baklava 250g £2.49
Baklava With Walnuts 390g £2.99
Halva 250g £1.99 (Almond, Cocoa, Honey)
Chocolate Coated Sunflower Seeds 150g £1.29 (Milk, Dark Chocolate)
Vanilla Pastry Swirls 680g £1.79
Caramelised Nuts 120g/150g £1.49 (Almonds, Cashews Peanuts)
Mini Nut Bars 200g £1.99 (Pistachio, Peanut, Almonds, Sesame)
Pastries In Syrup 400g £2.99 (Touloumpakia, Roxakia, Kourkoubinia)

Ernesto Storage Container Set £4.99
Ernesto Drinking Bottle With Infuser Or Citrus Juicer £3.49
Silvercrest Vacuum Sealer £24.99 Rolls £4.99
Meradiso Fruit Seat Pad £4.99
Meradiso Fruit Tablecloth £4.99
Silvercrest Bluetooth Keyboard £14.99
Bresser Refractor Telescope £69.99