Ice crusher for slushies without needing salt etc – £24.95 at charles-jacobs eBay

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This Machine Is Great For Making Professional Standard
Drinks and Desserts In Your Own Home

Perfect for Luxurious Cocktails, Slushies, Smoothies and
Frappucinos – Something Special for Small Parties and

Simply Throw In Some Ice Cubes, Select Coarse or Fine &
You’re Away – The Stirring Arm In The Bucket Below
Prevents the Ice From Sticking Until You’re Done

Specification: 25 Watts, 220v-240v. Dimensions:
Height 31cm, Depth 21cm, Width 19cm, Jug: 1 Litre.

Please Note: This Device Work Well with Normal Size and Shop Bought Ice Cubes. This Device May Not Work Properly with Over Sized Ice Cubes.

Please Note: This Device Is Not Suitable for Commercial Use