Google Pixel 2 64GB £499

Top features:

– Brilliant 5” AMOLED Full HD screen delivers vivid colours

– Improved 12 megapixel camera with dual-pixel autofocus

– Google Lens lets you visually search for places & things

– Interactive characters add some fun to the everyday

– Squeeze for Google Assistant to get things done

Brilliant 5” AMOLED Full HD screen

Whether it’s a YouTube video on the train home, or your collection of photos from your latest trip, it all looks stunning on the Google Pixel 2 with an 5” AMOLED Full HD display.

The always-on display means you can see important information at a glance, and will even tell you what song is playing in the background.

Improved 12 megapixel camera

Delivering impressive images that could be mistaken for DSLR shots, the Pixel 2 has a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera.

You’ll be able to capture incredible detail in low light with HDR+, smooth 4K Ultra HD video capture with image stabilisation, and stunning portraits with blurred backgrounds. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited storage with Google Photos.

Google Lens

Introducing a new way to search, Google Lens lets you learn more about the world around you.

Simply use your camera to discover more about landmarks, read a review of a book or film, or find out who painted a piece of art.

Interactive characters

Augmented reality makes everyday moments more fun by adding interactive characters and playful emojis into live scenes.

Choose from a range of fun characters, including those from your favourite shows and movies.

Squeeze for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is like having your own PA and much more.

With a simple squeeze of the phone you can take a selfie, text a friend, turn on Bluetooth, or navigate home – all with your voice.