Futureproof Your Career and Company: Flourish in an Era of AI, Digital Natives, and The Gig Economy – Kindle edition



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or die!

In this digital age, it’s not just a catchy phrase but a stark reality.

Artificial intelligence is infiltrating our companies and our jobs. Digital Natives are storming the workplace. The Gig Economy is changing not only who gets the job done but also where, when and how.

These three powerful forces – nourished by the digital revolution – are gaining momentum and are expected to peak over the next decade.

The rate of disruption and extinction is accelerating. Companies and industries are going bust. Jobs and skills are becoming irrelevant.

Is your career futureproof? Is your company futureproof?

This book will help.

Written in a storyteller tone and sprinkled with interesting anecdotes and memorable tales, this page-turning read offers actionable insights and proven steps on how you can stay ahead of the curve and flourish in the future.

The book has three sections.

The Section I dives deep into each trend: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Natives, and the Gig Economy. You will learn…

• How powerful are these trends?
• Why should you pay attention to them?
• How will they impact your career and the company over the next decade?

The Section II outlines the five ways to . You will learn how to become…

• A fully unleashed human to thrive in the era of AI
• A catalyst for change to set you apart from your peers
• An alchemist to transform ordinary into extraordinary
• A captain with nerves of steel to navigate through turbulent times ahead
• A futurist to predict and prepare for the future

The section III outlines the five ways to company. You will learn how to…

• Transform your business digitally to lead
• Infuse purpose that guides your company as the true North
• Unleash the spirit of innovation to be a disruptor
• Inspire learning to groom the workforce of tomorrow
• Enjoy expedition by engaging your employees

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