FREE LUNCH – Manchester – Real Junk Food Cafe (Pay as you feel)

I recently found about this cafe in Manchester and it is amazing! They collect unwanted food from supermarkets and restaurants (all obviously perfectly safe to eat – usually given for cosmetic reasons or just past best before) and they make amazing meals out of it! The place is staffed by a combination of chefs, managers and volunteers (I am the latter) and it is completely up to you what you pay (even nothing is acceptable).

I am sure there will be a debate about how much you should pay and people juding others etc… but I won’t be taking part into that! Everything you want to or can pay is appreciated by them and helps them continue to re-use food waste and feed the people of Manchester.

Please go to this place, try it out (upstairs takeaway and downstairs) is a proper sit down cafe) and tell all your friends about it! They accept card and if you want to pay more but only have a quid in your wallet, please go and spend that quid here rather than going elsewhere.

Its open 11.30 – 3pm and also does fine dining evenings.