Free Gillette razor, just pay £1.99 P&P

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Just pay £1.99 for postage and they’ll send you a free razor.
Worth noting that you receive 2 x £4 vouchers off blades inside the package – one is expired (end of Feb) and the other is valid until the end of September. The expired one still works on self service checkouts (for all you angels out there ready to hang me for fraud, the small print on the voucher says they’ll reimburse the retailer up to 6 months after the expiry). So, I buy the 2 for £15 offer in Tesco (total 8 blades) and use 2 vouchers, so get them for £7.
I’ve had a few of these razors now, you just can’t use the same combination of postage and email address, so just change your email address.