Children’s Garden Cedar Wood Play House Two Story Free delivery in 5 days – £999.99 / 984.99 W/code at Costco

The Victorian Mansion is a beautifully designed play-estate including two levels, a staircase, garage, porch, and a functioning door with open windows. The perfect hideout or pretend getaway, this sizeable residence is stocked with everything your imaginative play residents need to prepare a family feast or escape unfriendly fairytale foes. From its telephone, assorted seating, stove and sink, to its inclusive plastic cutting board, fruit and vegetables, the spacious two floors have plenty to do for plenty of players.


Spacious two-story playhouse with a sturdy staircase with safety rails
Roof, gable ends, floors and walls are all panelised for quick assembly
Front porch leads to working door with spring hinges
Three sizable window openings with ledges
Six white trimmed windows and bay window
Covered entryway leading to working door with spring hinges
Interior bench, one chair and one stool
Telephone, stove top, sink with faucet, cutting board and sliceable fruit
Rear garage for your bikes or ride-on
Constructed from cedar wood which is naturally decay, rot and insect resistant