AWD Raider 2600X Six Core 4.2GHz Radeon RX 580 4GB Desktop PC – £459.99 @ AWD-IT

AWD Raider 2600X Six Core 4.2GHz Radeon RX 580 4GB Desktop PC - £459.99 @ AWD-IT 1


Looks like we have a little competitiveness going on at have they been snooping on the popular CCL deals on here?.. or someone been on there backs..

adata preset?….. 16gb ram preset? usual lucky to get 8gb packages decent.

here we have the Ryzen 2600X system,…

lets break it down.

Ryzen 2600x £110
Asus B450 MB £62
RX580 4Gb GPU £125
240GB SSD £28
Adata 16GB 3,000mhz £60
CIT Raider Case £49

parts: £434 what we know.

They was going so well, what PSU?… common AWD, we need to know!.

either way there selling it for £459….

ive taken a look at there other prebuilds, so im going to put my neck on the line and suggest its going to be a VS550….. but worst case a VS450 which hits the recommended PSU, they do a lot of “VS” in there cheap bundles.

“Dont quote me, as your best of calling to find out”…..

tomahawk at +£55….. a bit over price on the “gap” between the 2, but the asus board should really be a £50mb then a 60B tbh.

+£45 extra for the 3600 CPU so thats a fair price.

+£30 for the 8gb RX580 ouch, +£90.. for a super 1660…

as a click straight buy, its really good price. the MB isnt the best and will never be my first choice to pick of a motherboard, but at this price someone who cant afford more then £460 theres a lot of bang for buck with the 2600x / RX580 4gb combo, but as soon as you move away and up the board or up to the RX580 or/and CPU there is much more better systems out there for better competitive prices with better stuff cheaper with the likes of better PSU’s / boards n that under my name all ready but at the same time them ones cant be moved lower at this price point either.

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