Alcohol free Mulled Punch instore at Marks & Spencer for 50p

£0.50 Marks & Spencer M&S mulled punch 50p a bottle INSTORE @ Tamworth Ventura M&S shop Get This Deal Welcome to the Savers Blog! We are a community of savers who like most people, love saving. Here you can read about all the latest and greatest deals out there, share your thoughts on them and … Read more

Tiger Beer 12 x 330ml for £7 @ Morrisons

Just seen an advert on TV Morrisons selling Tiger Beer 12x330ml bottles ,Can’t see it online so maybe instore only, Offer on till 2nd October span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Get This Deal Instore [amazon_link asins=’B015Z9Q6D0,B007OU4GHC,B004J3YAN2,B00CQ554JE,B07GR8F7HB,B071L6QGJX’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’saversblog-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’e0aaebcb-c275-11e8-976c-2b8a961b579e’]

New Amsterdam vodka 1 litre – £16 at Asda (free C&C)

A premium Vodka with unparalleled smoothness, five times distilled to deliver a clean, crisp taste. It’s smooth enough to drink straight. Distinctive enough to enhance any cocktail. Get This Deal [amazon_link asins=’B01HRPM63O,B0745HKR18,B0799MW3TH,B01C7CFKSA,B00QP33SZK,B00PAUSYRQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’saversblog-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’96951931-b93c-11e8-b26f-13d2056956bf’]

Brewdog Elvis Juice 2 x 4 pack for £9 at Tesco

Elvis Juice Grapejuice Infused IPA Welcome to the craft beer revolution Hit us up with your tasting notes Instagram @BrewDogOfficial Twitter @BrewDog Facebook /BrewDogOfficial An American IPA with a bitter edge that will push your citrus tolerance to the brink and back. A caramel malt base supports a full frontal citrus overload: grapefruit peel piled … Read more

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin 5 Litre Mini Keg £10 at Asda

Traditionally craft brewed with Chocolate & Crystal malts & a blend of Styrian, Goldings & Fuggles hops. A full-bodied ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour, balanced with a moderate bitterness & an overall fruity, mischievous character. Get This Deal [amazon_link asins=’B07233WDJL,B0064T4IXG,B01IPET0SU,B01BNW4Y6E,B008275M4W,B01G2J4E0Y’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’saversblog-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6c5810b0-b464-11e8-a259-0fdfd9729a5e’]

Beck’s lager 20x 275ml £10.00 @ Asda

Good price for Beck’s. Currently £14 @ Tesco and £13 @ Sainsbury’s. All other 20 packs (Stella, Budweiser etc) are around £14 everywhere at the moment Get This Deal [amazon_link asins=’B019QFYX52,B019QFYPEQ,B0030A10W4,B019QFYT2O,B00FUZTK4C,B004EAIWIY’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’saversblog-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ed6dc59c-b2e1-11e8-b1e3-3bfbea1a9be7′]

Bombay Sapphire 1 Litre for £20 at Tesco

Sapphire distilled London dry gin For the Bombay Sapphire Collins and other Bombay Sapphire cocktail recipes visit The tantalising, smooth and complex taste that you experience when you sip Bombay Sapphire gin, is described as fresh citrus and juniper flavours combined with an elegant light spicy finish. The flavours of the botanicals are captured … Read more

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey 1L – Original or Honey was £32 now £20 at Tesco’s (instore and online)

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is a premium Tennessee Whiskey. A warm amber colour with aromas of sweet vanilla, this is a smooth, full-bodied whiskey, with flavours of orange, brown sugar and spice, and a long rich finish. Jack Daniel registered his distillery in 1866, making it the oldest registered distillery in the United States. … Read more

Gordon’s pink gin 1ltr – £19 at tesco

Premium Pink Distilled Gin Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin was inspired by Gordon’s original 1880 pink gin recipe. Crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon’s with the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with the tang of redcurrant. Made using only the highest quality ingredients and only natural flavourings to provide an authentic real berry … Read more