17L Halogen Oven with Extender Ring £20.24 at Maplin (Free Delivery or Check Local Store for Stock)

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Product overview

• Heats and cooks food much quicker than a conventional oven
• Self-cleaning function allows for less washing up after use
• Powerful 1300W halogen heating element
• Hot airflow system ensures that all food is cooked correctly
• Adjustable temperature and timer controls

Why would I need this oven?
This halogen oven is capable of cooking your food more quickly than a normal oven as it utilises a powerful 1300W heating element and a hot airflow system that circulates via the integrated fan. This produces evenly cooked food throughout.

How does this oven self-clean?
To self-clean this halogen oven, you must ensure all food and fat have been removed from the bowl, add in approximately 15mm of cold water and some washing up liquid and set the temperature control to wash. This will cause the oven to heat up and spin the water around, cleaning the glass bowl quickly and efficiently.