Cisco CCNA Command Guide: 3 in 1- Beginner’s Guide+ Tips and tricks+ Advanced Guide to learn CISCO CCNA – Kindle Edition Free @ Amazon



The Cisco CCNA certification is considered one of the most valued in the field of networks and communications worldwide. It proves that its holders have the necessary knowledge to perform each of the functions carried out by a network administrator. In addition, it acts as an access requirement for more prestigious certifications, such as the CCNP.
This book contains the official Cisco agenda required to obtain the CCNA and, as a result, the reader will acquire the necessary skills to design, manage and secure a medium-sized corporate network, as well as the capacity for analysis and resolution of incidents when necessary.
To achieve this purpose, the work is divided into 7 chapters, through which they are analyzed from the most basic concepts, such as TCP / IP and OSI, to advanced protocols. It is a mostly practical approach, where all configuration is applied to Cisco devices.
The main objective of this book is to provide its readers with the necessary knowledge to get prepared for the CCNA certification exam. All theory is accompanied by examples and practical configuration assumptions in the required subjects. We recommended you use the “Packet tracer” application, developed by Cisco. If you are interested in advancing your career, get started today!

The market is full of books that claim to have a magic formula to educate you on the concepts of Cisco CCNA. They write long descriptions and praise their own ability to summarize a sea in a teacup. I do not have tall claims to make. I do not claim that this book will change your life overnight. I do not claim that this book will make you learn and digest the entire study material in a week.
A diamond takes time to be what we see in the markets. Fruit takes time to ripen before we can eat it. In the same manner, this book will run its course of time before you are fully prepared for the exam. The Cisco CCNA certification is not easy. You will have to sweat and burn your blood before you can learn the commands to get ready for the exam. I have made sure that the book encompasses all the possible topics you might be looking out for. This book will give you details on all the topics in a comprehensive and easy-to-digest manner. The book contains the following topics among others.
A detailed overview of Cisco Devices
Commands for the configuration of routers
Networking concepts
Routing concepts
Deciphering RIP, EIGRP, and IGRP
Open Shortest Path Protocol (OSPF)
Configuration of Switch

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