XBOX ONE Overwatch GOTY, Mafia III Deluxe Edition, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 Bundle £39.99 @ Currys/PCWorld

XBOX ONE Overwatch GOTY, Mafia III Deluxe Edition, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 Bundle £39.99 @ Currys/PCWorld 1

Currys PC World

Hey guys, saw this deal around christmas time and bought it for myself, excellent price, just saw on the currys website that it is back on.

Excellent price if you don’t own any of the games.

Have fun!

Explore new worlds with the Xbox One Overwatch, Mafia III, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 Bundle.

Xbox One Tekken 7

Unveil the final chapter in the 20-year long Mishima feud with Tekken 7, which is designed with a stunning cinematic feel. Seamlessly blending between fierce battles and powerful story sequences, Tekken 7 follows the members of the Mishima Clan as they settle old scores and wrestle for control of a global empire. Select from a roster of over 30 characters, for complete freedom of choice over your fighting style.

Xbox One Project Cars 2

Part of the award-winning Project Cars series, Project Cars 2 lets you get your hands on everything from GT to hypercars and throw them over almost any terrain. With over 170 cars from iconic brands, and more tracks than any other racing game, Project Cars 2 lets you compete in lots of different classes, including Rallycross, IndyCar and much more.

Xbox One Mafia III Deluxe Edition

Rise to the top of the underworld in Mafia III Deluxe Edition. Make tough decisions as you explore the vast and seedy open world of New Bordeaux. Whether you choose to use brute force and go in all guns blazing, or stalk your prey stealthily, you can use your military training and intel to bring down the Italian Mafia.

Xbox One Overwatch Game of the Year Edition

In Overwatch you play as one of several heroes in an exhilarating first-person shooter. Fight across stunning locations defeating other teams. Collect Loot to help you level up and earn new skills and costumes, and earn Achievements to let other players know how good you are.

Do battle as one of 21 gun-toting heroes comprising four classes: Offense, Defence, Tank and Support. Each has different abilities and weapons to suit your tactical style from sword-wielding ninjas to pistol-popping cowboys.

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