Unlimited Hot Chocolate Weatherspoon Hack

Unlimited Hot Chocolate Weatherspoon Hack 1


As the title says

With more and more hacks being posted on here i thought i would share one with you.

Weatherspoon do unlimited refills on Tea and Coffee for £1.30 however hot chocolate is not included this is normally £1.99 for just one.

This little hack will get round that.

1. Order unlimited coffee refill to get a cup.
2. Use the Coffee Chocolate Dusting condiment to fill your mug by a quarter.
3. Fill with hot milk from the refill machine.
4. Rinse and repeat

The Chocolate dusting is in fact that same ingredients as most hot chocolate’s, and for a really luxury hot chocolate purchase 4 belgin chocolate wafers for an extra 75p to stir and suck.

Happy hacking

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