First Choice £150 Voucher off Family Holidays. Works with ‘Free Child Places’ on 7 night Holidays. E.g Crete £280pp 4* May (Quidco 4%)

First Choice £150 Voucher off Family Holidays. Works with 'Free Child Places' on 7 night Holidays. E.g Crete £280pp 4* May (Quidco 4%) 1

First Choice

This seems like a pretty good deal if you search well enough you can find some pretty decent All Inclusive deals.

Valid for Departures 1st May 2019 to 32st October 2019.

First Choice have recently had £150 off two week holidays and £100 off holidays under 14 nights but their current voucher code FAMILY150 gives £150 discount off all Splash World and Holiday villages even on 7 night durations. (Code valid until 14/1)

Added bonus is it still works on Free Child Place Holidays.

Plus Quidco Cashback is currently 4%.

The ones I have found are term time but ideal if you have young children like me (age 4 and 3)

A few examples I found are:

7th May
Gatwick (other airports like Birmingham and Manchester also available on different dates)
Crete, Greece
7 nights All Inclusive
2 Adults & 2 Children
Free Child place
Total £1,271
Less £150 = £1,120 for 4 people (£280 each)

3162198.jpgOr same
10 nights
All Inclusive
2 x Adults & 2 x Children at the same resort = £1,402 Inc voucher code (£350 per person)

Or Tunisia if it’s your thing
10th May
10 nights
All Inclusive
2 adults & 2 kids
£1,377 after voucher (£344.25)

10th May
10 nights
All Inc
2 x
& 2 x Kids
£1,441 after voucher code (£360.25pp)

It’s worth also noting this also applies to families with one child, however i believe the minimum spend is £1,000.

Also valid during School holidays but the prices are significantly higher (but you already knew that)

Other voucher codes SALE100 giving £100 off Holidays booked from 1st May also works in conjunction with Free Child Places.

If you don’t want a ‘Splash World’ or ‘Holiday Village’ hotel, there are also unique £150 off codes off 14 night holidays which pop up on the website which can also be used with Free Child Places. To find one, just search for a 10 night holiday, click on it and within the holiday description it will say “extend to 14 nights and get £150 off your holiday” It will give you a code to apply to any 14 night holiday booked from 1st May onwards.

Hope it helps someone

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