The top 10 Money Saving Tips in the UK

Clear your debts -  If you’re paying out for interest every month, paying off your debts is almost always the first thing you should be doing to save money.  There is one exception to

Save money with these great Frugal Living Tips

These days, with Mortgages out of reach for many until their 30s, and wages seeming lower than ever, now is an important time for you to know and follow these great frugal living tips. 

Make money on YouTube, check out the best tips and tricks

Almost every modern phone will be able to record reasonable quality video. If you could make a video showing how to do something which people may be interested in, do not hesitate to upload

Winter’s coming, how to save money around the house

With the cold months coming and rumours it’s going to be an arctic winter, now is a great time to think about saving money around the home.  There are many things we can do

Save Money this Christmas with these great Tips and Tricks

We all love Christmas, with all the joy and happiness that it brings into our hearts and homes. But Christmas can be expensive, and not having enough cash to buy the presents your friends

Save Water and Save Money

There are several ways you can save on your water bill. These are all based around conservation because we tend not to have an option to change water suppliers.  If you manage to follow

Slow cook and save money!

With winter coming, some will be looking to save money for Christmas and also provide some cheap, tasty and hearty food for the family. I was gifted a slow cooker a few years back

Track your spending, this can save you loads of money

I used to be one of the many people who was generally unaware of where all of my money went. I only worried a little about it when my current account balance was low.

How to Haggle your way to a bargain

Being British, unless you’ve spent lots of time on a market, unfortunately haggling really isn’t part of our daily life.  But here are some tips which should help you out. A few things you

Only the finest cheap motoring tips

Unfortunately motoring is a necessity for many of us.  But here’s a few tips to keep the costs down as much as possible. There’s a great website for checking all the petrol prices here….